# Ring a klingl

To ring your klingl, you can simply call the following url:


You can find your alias in the klingl.me app. You can copy the whole link for your klingl in your mobile app as well.

The person ringing will get a dialog to confirm the ring. This prevents accidental ringing when people try the link.

# Direct klingl

You can modify the url to avoid the confirmation dialog.


# Silent Klingl

You also can silently ring a klingl without getting back the UI. Useful when ringing via low powered devices.


# Add Payload

It is possible to add some payload to your klingl request. The payload should be a simple string. Of course you can also send json as payload when formatting to a string.


You can use a payload in all types of ring request!

Send payload via GET

GET https://klingl.me/now/<alias>?payload=<yourStringPayload>

Send a payload via POST

POST https://klingl.me/now/<alias>
Content-Type: application/json
Body: {"payload":"<yourStringPayload>"}

# Limits

To avoid 'Klinglstreich' we limit requests to a klingl. Be aware to that fact and don't spam the API, or your klingl will be deactivated.