# Introduction

Cool that you decided to use klingl.me as a developer. We will make your start as easy as possible.

On the following pages you will learn how klingl.me works behind the scenes and how you can use our platform to extend your klingl.

Wait, what is a klingl actually?

If you ever wondered what the word klingl means. It is a german word for the doorbell. The correct word would be klingel but in our region we don't like to pronounce the e.

# How it works

The basic setup of klingl.me is really straight forward:

You can either use an QR Code, or a link to ring your klingl.

# Create klingl

We show you how to create a klingl. (or even several 😃 )

The easiest way to create a klingl is to use our APP.

# Trigger klingl via RESTful-API

You want to make a klingl ring via API? Then you are right here.
--> JUP !

# Receive klingl rings via MQTT

You are looking for a way to get the ringing of a klingl via MQTT?
--> JUP !